Episode 313: Opulently Miraculous Gifters


This is it. It's our annual Game of the Year Awards show.  Along with our awards, we continue our tradition of looking back through the years to see what the Game of the Year was for 5, 10, 20, and 30 years ago.  This year we have a little more fun and introduce a new game: Secret Santa Remastered.  This year's awards categories include:

  • Biggest Surprise
  • Biggest Disappointment
  • I'm Still Not Convinced Award
  • Controller Chucker Award
  • I'm still glad I bought VR Award
  • I only played it for the Achievement Award
  • PAX Curse Award
  • PAX Curse-breaker Award
  • Best DLC
  • Maybe Next Year Award
  • Game of the Year

We sincerely want to thank all our listeners for another great year.  We wish you a very Happy Holiday, and a Joyous New Year.  We'll be back the first week of 2019 as we look forward to what the next year is set to bring us.