Episode 303: Occasional Musketeer Groupies


This week Sean regales us with his weekend adventures about finally getting a new TV.  In TV talk we discuss the Netflix show, Mania; the return of Lethal Weapon without Riggs; and Survivor's opening its doors to Canada.  In games, Tycko did something he hasn't done in a very long time: he turned on his PS4, and he pressed more buttons and children may or may not have been killed as a results (virtual children, not real ones!).

In the news this week, Sony has finally given in to Cross-Platform Play; Spider-Man could be the "Iron Man" of the MCU of gaming; and Red Dead Redemption's large file size might be as a result of some new ground-breaking gaming innovation!

We also have an interview with Matthew Rose, the Producer of Ubisoft Toronto's first original IP, Starlink: The Battle for Atlas.