Episode 301: Original Modern Geeks


We're back after exactly 3 months to the day! Tycko and Sean have returned refreshed and ready to enter a new era of The OMG! Hour.  You're going to find some things the same and some things not quite the same.  We're geeks.  We're geeks for more than just gaming so why hold back on what we discuss here?  Nothing's off the table now: Video Games, Board Games, TV, Movies, Toys, you name it.  If we like it, we'll talk about it.

In today's episode we cover some of the stuff we've been doing and playing since you last heard from us.  We discuss Pop! Vinyl figures what why they seem to popular, and the current state of the DC Cinematic Universe and what a mess it is.

In game reviews, this week we cover both The Garden Between, a fantastic time-bending puzzler, as well as the incredible Spider-Man from Insomniac Games.