Episode 300: The One with the End of an Era


This is our epic 300th episode and our last as we take a break for the summer.  Good thing it was also E3 this week as we spend a good 100 minutes talking about the show and all the games we're looking forward to getting our hands on this year and next!



Syd Bolton has been a part of The OMG! Hour for over 4 years. We first met him in 2012, on our 13th Episode, when we interviewed him about the Brantford PC Museum and his video game collection. in 2014, he became a regular contributor to the show, as our Gaming Archaeologist, with his weekly "Lost Treasures" segment.

Syd was going to be a guest host on the show for Episode 299, and was planning to record yet another Lost Treasures segment for our epic Episode 300 this week. His untimely passing will leave a hole in our hearts and the heart of The OMG! Hour for a very long time.

Syd has been a treasured part of our lives for the past 6 years and he will be truly missed. He has become our ultimate Lost Treasure.

Rest In Peace
Syd Bolton