Jan 14, 2018

Episode 281: Looking forward at 2018 - VR & Switch

It's the beginning of the year so it's time we discuss what we're looking forward to in 2018.  Since we're without Tycko this week (though we get a brief view of Disney World this episode), we discuss that which Tycko doesn't play: PSVR and Nintendo Switch.

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Jan 7, 2018

Episode 280: The One with the Fixed Lists

With Jeff still on vacation, we take time to review the major 2017 Top 10 Lists and make much needed revisions to them. Polygon, GameSpot, Game Informer, Kotaku, and The Game Awards all got it wrong and it was up to us to make things right.  So that's what we do.


Dec 22, 2017

Episode 279: 2017 Year In Review

It's our Annual Year in Review Show! We discuss all our favourite games from 2017 and bring you some new Lost Treasure segments as we go back into GOTY titles from years past.

Categories Discussed include:

  • The Future of Gaming
  • Best Free Game via Games with Gold/PlayStation Plus
  • Biggest Surprise
  • Best Single Player Campaign
  • Best Multiplayer Game
  • Top Game We Wanted to Play but Haven't
  • What Ubisoft Did Wrong This Year
  • Biggest Disappointment
  • Game of the Year

Dec 16, 2017

Episode 278: The One When Jeff Is Wrong


  • Destiny 2: The Curse of Osiris
  • Hello Neighbor
  • Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice


  • The Game Awards
  • PlayStation Experience 2017
  • Nintendo Switch worldwide sales top 10M units
  • Bungie apologizes for content-locking
  • Update on Polygon's Top 10 games of 2017

http://games4kids.ca : Games 4 Kids allows people to donate their old video games and they will be matched up with kids in our community that might not otherwise get a game or a game console this holiday season.


Dec 10, 2017

Episode 277: The One with All the Sevens


  • Destiny 2: The Curse of Osiris
  • SEVEN: The Days Long Gone
  • Stardew Valley


  • US lawmaker who called out Star Wars Battlefront 2 lays out plans for anti-loot box law
  • A List Of Old Games That I Would Definitely Buy Again On Switch
  • The Division: New Free Update Is Enormous
  • The new ‘Portal’ game is a ‘Bridge Constructor’ spin-off
  • Polygon's Top 10 Games of 2017
  • GameSpot's Lowest Reviewed Games Of 2017
  • New Tomb Raider Game Officially Teased

Dec 3, 2017

Episode 276: The One with the Linear Gamers


Fun Fact #5 - Tycko is actually an anagram for “World’s most handsome gamer”. You might not think so at first, but spend ten minutes looking into his deep, hazel eyes and you’ll understand.

Fun Fact #6 - In Super Mario Bros 4 for the NES, Tycko got a high score so high it caused a rupture in the space time continuum, completely wiping the the game out of time itself. That’s why you don’t remember it.

Fun Fact #7 - In order to design the perfect shape for the Xbox controller, MS laser scanned Tycko's hands to ensure the perfect fit. While they do care about market share... pleasing Tycko is always their top priority.


  • Letter Quest Remastered [NSW]
  • Rive [NSW]
  • Mantis Burn Racing [NSW]
  • Black Mirror [XBO]
  • Assassin’s Creed Origins [XBO]


  • Bungie cancels Destiny 2 livestream as tensions with community rise

    • Destiny 2 misrepresented XP gains to its players until the devs got caught
    • Destiny 2 updates will give veterans a reason to keep playing
    • Destiny 2 now has Amazon Alexa voice commands
  • The world’s slowest, most boring bus simulator finally has a VR version
  • Dark Eclipse for PS VR: How to Play a MOBA in Virtual Reality
  • EA: Visceral's canned Star Wars project too linear for modern tastes
  • PlayStation Plus: Free Games for December 2017

Nov 26, 2017

Episode 275: The One with the Dinosaur Conspiracy


  • Mantis Burn Racing
  • Skyrim
  • Gear.Club Unlimited
  • Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
  • 8-bit Adventure Anthology
  • Lego Marvel Superheroes 2


  • UPDATE: Marvel Heroes Developer Gazillion Apparently Lays Off Everyone On Thanksgiving Eve
  • UPDATE: EA devs dial down microtransaction pressure in latest Need for Speed
  • Clicker Heroes Studio Ditching Free-To-Play for 'Ethical Reasons'
  • The Nintendo Switch is winning because it’s ‘good enough’
  • Microsoft sued over HoloLens patent infringements
  • Xbox Games With Gold for December

Nov 19, 2017

Episode 274: The One That Lollygags


  • Farming Simulator 17 [PS4]
  • Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle [NSW]
  • Assassin's Creed Origins [PS4/XBO]
  • Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds [PS4]
  • L.A. Noire [PS4]
  • Need for Speed Payback [EA Access Trial]
  • Star Wars Battlefront II [EA Access Trial]


  • The Game Awards - Voting now Open

    • Tycko for Trending Gamer 2017
    • Fun Fact #1 - Did you know that Tycko pushes more buttons in a single week than all other gamers combined?
  • Popular gaming consoles adjusted for 2017 prices
  • EA response to ‘Battlefront II’ complaint is the most downvoted comment in Reddit history
    • EA slashes Battlefront 2 unlock hero costs after backlash
  • Bungie details Destiny 2’s newest area, Mercury, in Curse of Osiris
    • Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris to Feature First Raid Lair
  • HTC Vive Focus is a standalone VR headset with ‘world-scale’ tracking
  • Disney Shuts Down Marvel Heroes

Nov 12, 2017

Episode 273: The One with the Cartoons


  • Just Dance 2018 [NSW]
  • End Space [PSVR]
  • Assassin’s Creed Origins [PS4]
  • Call of Duty: WWII [PS4]
  • Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds [PS4]
  • Disney Rush [XBO]
  • Disneyland Adventures [XBO]
  • Zoo Tycoon [XBO]
  • Super Lucky’s Tale [XBO]


  • Xbox 360 Games Being Enhanced for Xbox One X
  • Microsoft will create game studios to ensure more Xbox One exclusives
  • Microsoft may bring first-party franchises to PlayStation
  • PlayStation trophies now can earn discounts on the PlayStation store
  • The Nintendo Switch needs an FPS Joy-Con

Nov 2, 2017

Episode 272: The One That Got a Clew

- Assassin's Creed Origins
- Professional Farmer: American Dream
- Slayaway Camp

- TheOMGHour GamerScore Update: We Won!!
- Super Mario Odyssey is selling even faster than 'Zelda'
- Super Mario Odyssey sold 2 million copies already, says Nintendo
- Super Mario Odyssey never punishes the player
- Nintendo Switch closing in on 8M sales worldwide
- Paris Games Week
- Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris launches Dec. 5
- Far Cry 5 Co-op Announcement


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