Oct 14, 2018

Episode 305: Occasionally Merciful Gabbers

• Star Wars Resistance
• The Gifted

• Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
• Mark of the Ninja Remaster


Oct 7, 2018

Episode 304: Obsessively Methodical Gamekeepers

TV Talk this week includes Damon Wayans leaving Lethal Weapon; Netflix's Maniac and DC shows; The Good Place premier; and FBI.

In gaming we talk briefly about our experience with Assassin's Creed Odyssey; Shawn Layden takes tips from President Trump; Is Crackdown 3 even real anymore? Leaked Harry Potter game gets us excited, and Toys R Us is back!

INTERVIEW: Melissa MacCoubrey, Narrative Director, Assassin's Creed Odyssey

REVIEW: Assassin's Creed Odyssey (reviewed using retail download codes provided by Ubisoft)


Sep 30, 2018

Episode 303: Occasional Musketeer Groupies

This week Sean regales us with his weekend adventures about finally getting a new TV.  In TV talk we discuss the Netflix show, Mania; the return of Lethal Weapon without Riggs; and Survivor's opening its doors to Canada.  In games, Tycko did something he hasn't done in a very long time: he turned on his PS4, and he pressed more buttons and children may or may not have been killed as a results (virtual children, not real ones!).

In the news this week, Sony has finally given in to Cross-Platform Play; Spider-Man could be the "Iron Man" of the MCU of gaming; and Red Dead Redemption's large file size might be as a result of some new ground-breaking gaming innovation!

We also have an interview with Matthew Rose, the Producer of Ubisoft Toronto's first original IP, Starlink: The Battle for Atlas.


Sep 23, 2018

Episode 302: Organized Magisterial Gentlemen

In this week's show we discuss Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Gallant, and a revivial of Veronica Mars.  In gaming, we review Shadow of the Tomb Raider.  Our Couch Co-op this week includes a discussion about the exciting new Captain Marvel Trailer, the Playstation Classic announcement, and the sudden closure of Telltale Games.


Sep 16, 2018

Episode 301: Original Modern Geeks

We're back after exactly 3 months to the day! Tycko and Sean have returned refreshed and ready to enter a new era of The OMG! Hour.  You're going to find some things the same and some things not quite the same.  We're geeks.  We're geeks for more than just gaming so why hold back on what we discuss here?  Nothing's off the table now: Video Games, Board Games, TV, Movies, Toys, you name it.  If we like it, we'll talk about it.

In today's episode we cover some of the stuff we've been doing and playing since you last heard from us.  We discuss Pop! Vinyl figures what why they seem to popular, and the current state of the DC Cinematic Universe and what a mess it is.

In game reviews, this week we cover both The Garden Between, a fantastic time-bending puzzler, as well as the incredible Spider-Man from Insomniac Games.


Jun 15, 2018

Episode 300: The One with the End of an Era

This is our epic 300th episode and our last as we take a break for the summer.  Good thing it was also E3 this week as we spend a good 100 minutes talking about the show and all the games we're looking forward to getting our hands on this year and next!



Syd Bolton has been a part of The OMG! Hour for over 4 years. We first met him in 2012, on our 13th Episode, when we interviewed him about the Brantford PC Museum and his video game collection. in 2014, he became a regular contributor to the show, as our Gaming Archaeologist, with his weekly "Lost Treasures" segment.

Syd was going to be a guest host on the show for Episode 299, and was planning to record yet another Lost Treasures segment for our epic Episode 300 this week. His untimely passing will leave a hole in our hearts and the heart of The OMG! Hour for a very long time.

Syd has been a treasured part of our lives for the past 6 years and he will be truly missed. He has become our ultimate Lost Treasure.

Rest In Peace
Syd Bolton


Jun 10, 2018

Episode 299: The Penultimate One

GoFundMe for Syd Bolton: https://www.gofundme.com/bqp6h-friends-helping-friends

- Vampyr
- Detroit: Become Human
- Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn
- Far Cry 5: Hours of Darkness

Ubisoft CEO: 'There will be one more console generation ... after that, we will be streaming'

Report: Crackdown 3 delayed to 2019

Sony announced Tetris Effect coming this fall to PS4/PSVR

Sony announced Days Gone release date: February 22, 2019

Sony announced Twin Mirror from Dontnod

WB announced Hitman 2 coming November 13 with online co-op

All the E3 Leakes


Jun 3, 2018

Episode 298: The One with Stuff Like That

- Monster Slayers
- Far Cry 3 Classic Edition
- Yoku's Island Express
- The Crew 2 Beta

Atari VCS Preorders are on now

Intellivision plans a revival with a new game console

Fallout 76 Announced

Latest 'Star Citizen' ship pack costs as much as a car

Xbox Games With Gold offers Sonic racing, Assassin’s Creed in June

PlayStation Plus: Free Games for June

E3 2018 Nintendo Switch Predictions: Animal Crossing Switch, Bayonetta 3, N64 Classic, And More

E3 2018 PS4 Rumors: Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Cyberpunk 2077, Splinter Cell, More


May 27, 2018

Episode 297: The One That Was Jeff’d

Our Live show was recorded in two parts this week, due to internet issues preventing us from streaming smoothly.  In the first half we talk about some new tabletop games we played this past week, Terraforming Mars and Skyway Robbery.  After getting his internet stabilized, Sean and the gang return to complete the show, picking up right where they left off. We review two incredible statues from ThinkGeek's Modern Icon line: Aloy, and Nuka Cola Girl.

We continue onto the news to discuss the future of the PS4 and Sony's plans for the future. Finally, we finish the show with what we're hoping to see at E3 this year.


PS4 Is Entering The End Of Its Lifecycle, Sony Says

Sony isn't ready to give up on portable gaming just yet

The future of PlayStation may be portable, says Sony exec

The PS5 will likely be based on Ryzen architecture

Introducing SCUF Vantage, An Officially Licensed Performance Controller for PS4

EA No Longer Has PGA Tour License



May 20, 2018

Episode 296: The One with the Disappearing Act


  • State of Decay 2 [XBO]
  • Descenders [XBO]
  • Rage [X360]
  • Wizard of Legend [XBO]
  • Shadow of War: Desolation of Mordor DLC [XBO]



*DISCLAIMER* State of Decay 2 and Descenders were reviewed using download codes provided by the publishers.


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