Episode 284: The One with the Failed Translation


This week's game reviews include Sony's remake of "Shadow of the Colossus" on PS4, and Cartoon Network's "OK K.O, Let's Be Heroes!". Both game were reviewed using download codes provided by the publisher and Shadow of the Colossus gameplay was captured on a PS4 Pro in Cinematic mode.

In the news this week, we discuss Nintendo Switch's latest number, eclipsing the lifetime sales of its predecessor, the Wii U. The next Borderlands game could have Elon Musk's Flamethrower in it; Sony patents a new VR motion controller, and EA delays "Anthem" until next year.

Sean's 75 year old Father was just gifted an Xbox 360 and, having never played video games before, wants to know what game would be good to help train him in using a controller. Leave your suggestions in the comments below.