Episode 276: The One with the Linear Gamers



Fun Fact #5 - Tycko is actually an anagram for “World’s most handsome gamer”. You might not think so at first, but spend ten minutes looking into his deep, hazel eyes and you’ll understand.

Fun Fact #6 - In Super Mario Bros 4 for the NES, Tycko got a high score so high it caused a rupture in the space time continuum, completely wiping the the game out of time itself. That’s why you don’t remember it.

Fun Fact #7 - In order to design the perfect shape for the Xbox controller, MS laser scanned Tycko's hands to ensure the perfect fit. While they do care about market share... pleasing Tycko is always their top priority.


  • Letter Quest Remastered [NSW]
  • Rive [NSW]
  • Mantis Burn Racing [NSW]
  • Black Mirror [XBO]
  • Assassin’s Creed Origins [XBO]


  • Bungie cancels Destiny 2 livestream as tensions with community rise

    • Destiny 2 misrepresented XP gains to its players until the devs got caught
    • Destiny 2 updates will give veterans a reason to keep playing
    • Destiny 2 now has Amazon Alexa voice commands
  • The world’s slowest, most boring bus simulator finally has a VR version
  • Dark Eclipse for PS VR: How to Play a MOBA in Virtual Reality
  • EA: Visceral's canned Star Wars project too linear for modern tastes
  • PlayStation Plus: Free Games for December 2017