Episode 268: The One with the Resplendent Scenery


Games Played this week: The Solus Project, Morphite, Surf World Series, and NBA 2K18.

- Nintendo Switch’s hidden Golf rumor explained by a sweet theory
- Fortnite briefly features PS4 and Xbox One cross-platform play
- Battleborn getting no more updates, 15 months after launch
- Toys ‘R’ Us Plans Bankruptcy Filing Amid Debt Struggle
- HTC Vive ditches the PC thanks to China's cloud VR service
- The state of the VR industry
- Tomb Raider Director Reveals 6 Major Video Game Influences
- The Duke, Xbox’s biggest controller of all time, will be in stores soon

*DISCLAIMER: Morphite, Surf World Series, and The Solus Project (PS4) were reviewed using download codes provided by their respective publishers.

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